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Our services include China company search, registration check, background verification, credit reports, business investigation, supplier investigation, factory site inspection services

Due to cultural differences and unfamiliarity with China, you may not be able to identify the hidden risks and issues within the company information and verification reports from these official agencies. Our local investigation experts have twenty years of professional investigative experience and understand dishonest behaviors and various forms of fraud among the Chinese. We can provide a third-party independent, fair, and objective fraud risk assessment of target Chinese companies.

The companies we verified and investigated cover all provinces and cities in mainland China.

company verification and investigation services
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Delivered company credit reports
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Completed suppliers investigation cases
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Company verification

Objective data to confirm legitimacy Assessing cooperation risks, ensuring business security
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Business investigation

Fact-checking to confirm authenticity Intercepting commercial fraud, mitigating legal risks
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China company verification & investigation services

Before conducting any business or making payments with any Chinese company, we recommend using our fast verification service for checking and verifying. We can provide you with a China company credit reports within 24 hours, delivered directly to your email. This way, you can make informed and appropriate business decisions quickly and effortlessly.

Company registration check in China
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Company registration check
We provide you with the information you need to search for and check the legitimacy of Chinese companies - verifiable, real-time data from official Chinese government agencies - to ensure that the Chinese companies you're engaging with are legally registered and to help you avoid transaction fraud and business risk.
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Corporate Background Verification in China
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Corporate background verification
Based on the business registration check, we provide a more comprehensive verification of the credit background of Chinese companies to help you assess the credibility and reputation of your business partners and ensure that you are dealing with trustworthy partners.
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Factory Site Inspection in China
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Field inspection service
Realistically record and investigate the actual situation at the site of the target enterprise through visits, undercover visits and other investigative methods. Reveal the hidden information of enterprises. Provide you with more valuable and real information, reduce business risks and enhance cooperation and stability.
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Supplier Investigation in China
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Supplier investigation
Supplier investigation service can comprehensively understand the real operating status of suppliers and select the most suitable and reliable supplier partners for you. Supplier investigation helps to identify potential risks, improve negotiation support, reduce purchasing costs, and adjust business strategies in a timely manner.
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On site inspection in China
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Factory review
Factory review can understand and assess the production capacity, equipment condition and quality and safety system of the factory to ensure that the factory can provide qualified products and stable services, reduce the occurrence of poor quality and production delays, and ensure the smooth operation of your business.
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Legal Investigation and Support in China
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Investigation & Support
If your business in China or with Chinese companies in counterfeiting, unfair competition, intellectual property infringement, contract breach fraud and other operational disputes and legal proceedings, we can provide you with professional information collection, forensic investigation and other services.
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China has the world’s most complete supply chain and competitively priced products. Made in China sells well all over the world and is the first choice for global business investment, but conducting compliance checks in China can be an expensive, time-consuming and complex task.

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Due to the differences between Chinese and Western cultures and language barriers, you may not be able to make a proper risk assessment and appropriate business decisions because you cannot get accurate, truthful, timely and complete information or understand the logic of Chinese thinking and fraudulent behaviors. Therefore, many companies have encountered scams from Chinese suppliers, and there are many stories about overseas buyers being cheated by unscrupulous Chinese sellers. These fraudsters, scammers and dishonest traders, who use fake names (both contacts and company legal entities), fake company information and do their best to look trustworthy, utilize shell companies or forged documents in order to get money. Trading across borders makes them often invulnerable to cross-border investigations or international prosecutions.
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As a result, for overseas buyers, background checks and legal recourse against Chinese suppliers are in most cases difficult or costly. Many are reduced to sending emails to Chinese companies with empty threats of compensation, and may no longer even be able to contact their Chinese suppliers. If you've been involved in trade with China (or heard stories about it), you know it's not easy. In the event of a dispute with a Chinese company, an overseas business will be at a distinct disadvantage as international awards may not be upheld or enforced under the Chinese legal system.