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Field Inspections Service

Through the verification of the field investigators's visits, unannounced visits and other ways to truly record and investigate the actual situation of the target enterprise site.

The field verification service allows you to observe the factory environment and operations of a Chinese company in person without leaving the office, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the company's production and operations. On-site verification can help overseas clients determine the legal authenticity and operational stability of Chinese companies, improve negotiation support, reduce procurement risks and make good business screening. Field verification can reflect the production and operational capabilities of the target company more clearly than traditional background checks, and more effectively reveal whether there are signs of deception and misrepresentation, inferior products, delivery delays, supply interruptions, etc. in the supplier, and recognize falsehoods and refute fallacies.

On-site inspection of Chinese suppliers
Chinese Supplier On-site Inspections

Why are field inspections needed?

Conducting any business in China or purchasing from factories in China or needing to import products from China, Visiting factories in China from overseas is a challenge. Our Field verifications are thurough and validated, this is the next best thing to being on the factory floor yourself. On-site Verification includes verifying the company's real address, factory site environment, office operations, and size of manufacturing operations, verifying and reviewing their documentation, licenses, capabilities, product lines, and other key factors for a more visual, factual supplier audit and comprehensive assessment, Reduce the potential for costly mistakes in collaboration and trade.
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Save money and time

Checking Chinese factories, you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on flights and several days of your time.
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Risk Prevention and Control

Field inspections can identify problems and risks early and take corresponding measures for risk prevention and control in time.
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Seeing is Believing

We help you substantiate the various claims made by suppliers as well as analyze the capabilities of potential suppliers.
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Increase business safety

Minimize the risks of fraud, low-quality products, delivery delays, supply interruptions, transaction security, and product quality in collaborations.

Our field verification and inspections service, Can help clients judge the authenticity and stability of Chinese suppliers, build trusting and lasting business relationships with suppliers, make good business screening, reduce procurement risks, identify problems early, improve negotiation support, strengthen business follow-up, and take timely measures to reduce cooperation and business risks.

Field inspections is usually carried out once the “Corporate Background Verification” process is complete and is an On-Site form of due-diligence especially on a new supplier.

  • On-site Validation
  • Factory On-site Checks
  • Supplier Evaluation

On-site inspection and on-site validation of environmental facilities, office operations, staffing and other aspects of the production site and business location of the target enterprise helps to assess its production capacity and reliability of cooperation, improve the accuracy of the validation, prevent fraud and misrepresentation, and provide a more realistic and comprehensive understanding of the actual situation of the enterprise in order to make informed business decisions.

By visiting your Chinese partner's factory or office, interviewing the supplier's management team, checking relevant qualifications and documents, and understanding the supplier's production capacity, equipment, processes, quality, safety, etc., our verification investigators can help assess whether the supplier has sufficient capacity to meet your needs and whether it is able to ensure the delivery of qualified products in a timely and stable manner.

Our on-site investigation experts use local languages to be your eyes and ears in China. We use local buyers or other suitable identities to visit and inspect the factory sites and business premises of Chinese suppliers, conduct on-site inspections and validation surveys to understand their production and operational capabilities, collect business information that is in line with your interests, identify potential risk factors, and ensure that they can meet your requirements.

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