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Factory field review services is an important step in evaluating the manufacturing capabilities, facilities and working conditions of a potential factory in China. It enables companies to identify problems prior to production or order confirmation. Factory review for factories in China can clearly understand and assess the factory's production capacity, equipment condition, company management and quality and safety system to ensure that the factory can provide qualified products and stable service, which can reduce purchasing risks, minimize the occurrence of poor quality and production delays, and improve product quality and cooperation safety to ensure the smooth operation of your business.
On-site validation at the Chinese factory
China Factory Review

Why need field review of Chinese factories?

China is a major global manufacturing country with a large number of factories of varying sizes. With the vast geographic location of the country and the uneven level of economic development, the production environment and conditions of factories in different regions vary greatly, with a large number of employees and varying employee quality, so the scale of Chinese factories ranges from small workshops to large enterprises. For large enterprises, their quality management systems and production processes are usually well-developed, but for small workshops, their quality management systems and production processes may be deficient.
There are several main reasons why an on-site review of Chinese factories is needed:
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Improve Product Quality

On-site inspections can help factories identify defects in their quality management systems and make improvement recommendations. Factories can use these suggestions to enhance product quality.
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Reduce Procurement Risks

On-site inspections can help you understand the actual production environment and conditions of factories, ensuring that they can provide products that meet requirements and reducing risks related to product quality, safety, compliance, and more.
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Enhance Procurement Efficiency

On-site inspections can provide insights into suppliers' production capabilities and delivery times, thereby enhancing procurement efficiency.
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Establish Stable Supply Relationships

On-site inspections can provide information about suppliers' business operations and development plans, enabling the establishment of stable supply relationships, increasing market competitiveness, and gaining a larger market share.
China factory review steps typically include:
  • Compliance Verification
  • Field Review
  • Field Videos

Review the documents submitted by the factory, including business license, intellectual property rights, qualification certificates, quality system documents, product design documents, production process documents, and inspection and testing documents. Based on these documents, assess whether the factory has established a quality management system that meets the certification requirements, and whether the products meet the certification requirements.

We will go to the factory to conduct on-site review, including production workshops, inspection laboratories, logistics warehouses and other site areas, and assess its infrastructure, production capacity, business conditions and management safety through observation and inquiry, record taking, sample testing, etc., to verify whether the factory can meet the requirements.

Based on the results of document review, on-site review and sample inspection, make review records, provide relevant video files and information, and issue factory review report.

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