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Background Check

Background check is the basic form of investigation for a private investigator, an investigation that searches for and uncovers information about a person's identity based on available lead information.

It is more important than ever to know who the other person is.

Whether you are hiring a new employee, looking for a new relationship, or will be investing in a new project, a background check on a specific individual before you consider making a decision for a major event (which may be a business relationship, or an intimate relationship) can reveal the true identity and status of the person in question, reducing risk and preventing fraud. Background checks are involved in virtually all private and corporate investigations, including locating people, searching for property, investigating fraud, searching for leads, collecting evidence, vendor investigations, tort investigations, debt collection, mediating legal support for business disputes, etc. By searching the Internet, public databases, information channels, and other investigative and search techniques, a comprehensive and thorough background check can Find information about a person's profile, including real identity, family situation, marital status, work history, contact information, address information, cell phone location, call history, criminal history, social accounts, financial records, hidden assets, hotel records, and other information that may be hidden.

Usually there is no standard background check, the background check will search for different kinds of information and choose the appropriate background check content according to your investigation purpose and needs.

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Why background checks?

Fake personal data and identity theft abound.
Scammers try their best to disguise themselves so that they appear to be genuine and trustworthy, gain your trust through various fraudulent words and tactics, and ultimately cheat you out of your money.
If not detected in time, you may have to pay a high price and suffer serious injuries and huge losses.
What's more troublesome is that it is very challenging for overseas individuals and companies to conduct background verification and legal recourse against Chinese people.
Many overseas clients have been subjected to Chinese dating scams and vendor fraud, and it is pointless for victims to demand compensation with empty phone calls or emails. The examples are countless.

Common example of background check service:

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Identity Verification:

Performing a personal background check on a partner provides insight into the person's true identity, credit standing, and property to assess trustworthiness.
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Finding Missing Persons:

Personal background checks are a great way to locate missing persons by searching for new leads to find contact information or the location of a missing person.
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Asset Search:

A personal background check can search for a wide range of information about a person, including family, marital status, employment, educational background, criminal record, property status, criminal record, and more.
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Fraud Prevention:

Whether it's a China factory scam, vendor fraud, romance scam, or insurance claim fraud, a background check can uncover the truth, establish facts, and prevent the scam.
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Romance Scams:

Personal background checks verify an individual's true identity, ensure safe online dating, and are the best way to expose romance scams.
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Locating Debtors:

Debtors evading their debts intentionally is the biggest headache in dealing with debt, and personal background checks can locate and track down missing or hidden debtors.
Once the results of a private investigation background check are obtained, you will be able to take the appropriate response and make the right decision.

Red Star Agency is your best choice for background check in China.

With twenty years of professional private detective and investigation experience, we provide extensive and thorough personal background searches that can be conducted through various information channels such as the Internet, public databases, and other sources to look up personal information about a person, including real identity, family situation, marital status, work history, contact information, address information, cell phone location, call records, criminal history, social accounts, financial records, hidden assets, hotel records, and other potentially hidden information.

Whether you are looking for an intimate relationship, hiring an employee, selecting a Chinese supplier, or doing business with a Chinese company, our personal background check service can provide a better understanding of the real person, reveal suspicious and hidden illegal history, reduce your risk of cooperation and prevent future fraud. We keep our clients' privacy strictly confidential to ensure their rights and interests.
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  • Company Background Verification
  • On-site inspection of Chinese company

Information from the Internet and public databases only proves the legal existence of a business, and comprehensive company due diligence is costly.
Company background check are data collection and information verification of specific Chinese companies and suppliers. The background of the company is usually verified in depth, and the main contents of the verification include the real legal person of the company, the actual controller, the shareholder structure, credit report, operation status, lawsuits, management team, and competition status.
China company background check can help you better understand the history, operation and credit of the target company, so as to discover possible problems and hidden dangers, and avoid potential business cooperation and business risks.
The purpose of company background investigation is to help investors, partners and other transaction subjects to fully understand the situation of the target company in order to make prudent decisions.

Company background verification is the most effective way to avoid business risks.
Company background verification can identify all kinds of false and exaggerated information, falsified and inaccurate information, and obtain true and reliable company information.
China company background verification can reveal false information and hidden actual controllers, eliminate unqualified suppliers or intermediaries, and avoid fraudulent risks in transactions or cooperation.

On-site inspection of the Chinese company to understand the company's office environment, staffing, business development, etc., in order to verify the authenticity of the company's information and assess the company's operational status can greatly reduce future business risks and losses, and is a prerequisite for guaranteeing the smooth fulfillment of the business contract.

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