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On the basis of company registration check, a more comprehensive verification of the credit background of Chinese companies. Including business scale, core assets, intellectual property rights, administrative penalty records, lawsuit-related situations, etc., to understand the company's history, affiliated companies, operating conditions, financial status, legal risks, etc., China Company Background Verification Service to further understand the real situation of Chinese companies, to screen the real Chinese quality suppliers, to reduce your business risks and ensure that you are working with real and legitimate companies.
China Company Background Verification Service
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Why China Company Background Verification?

Foreign companies engaged in business with China can utilize China Company Background Verification Service to conduct comprehensive verification and authentication of potential business partners. We have access to a large amount of official government data and Investigation channel information, and conduct in-depth and comprehensive searches and investigations of Chinese companies to collect more reliable information and further understand the true situation of companies by digging deeper into their shareholder backgrounds, affiliates, operating conditions, financial conditions, intellectual property rights, compliance and law-abiding aspects, and provide objective and accurate information on their backgrounds.
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Reveal Hidden Information

Conduct comprehensive verification and examination of various details and key information in Chinese company credit reports.
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Reduce Cooperation Disputes

Increase transparency and integrity of cooperation and transactions, and improve confidence in business cooperation.
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Discover Potential Problems

Company background verification can better identify all kinds of false exaggerations and falsified inaccurate information.
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Assessing Litigation Risk

Analyze potential risk factors and develop appropriate preventive measures to ensure the safety and stability of business.
China Company Background Verification Service helps to avoid cooperation with unreliable or unethical companies by reviewing the relevant certifications and licenses of Chinese companies, historical change information, legal entity shareholding affiliations, investments, acquisitions and mergers, as well as the existence of suspected copyright infringement, fraudulent business contract disputes, lawsuits, sanctions and other negative histories, to help you make smarter choices in your business decisions and to ensure the establishment of a trustworthy business relationship , protects your investment and business security, and is an effective way to prevent company fraud, avoid business disputes and safeguard against legal risks.
  • Supplier Selection
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Case: A U.S. company wanted to source products from Chinese suppliers while ensuring product quality and reliability.

Solution: They used a Chinese company background check service to ensure the supplier's legitimacy, financial stability and production capacity.
Client Testimonial: The corporate background check service revealed a number of supplier risks, found a reliable supplier, reduced business risk and ensured product quality.

Case: A Canadian investment firm was planning to invest in a Chinese technology startup and needed comprehensive information about the startup's personnel background.

Solution: They utilized a Chinese company background check service to review and assess the company's background credit, financial risk, legal compliance and ethical reputation.
Client Testimonial: Because the background credit and ethics review revealed the company's repeated history of dishonesty, the investment firm was prompted to reconsider and avoid an investment with uncertain risk.

A UK company planning a joint venture with a Chinese manufacturer needed to ensure the manufacturer was legally compliant.

Solution: They used the China Company Background Check service to verify the manufacturer's legal licenses, industry standards and company history.
Client testimonial: The use of corporate background checks revealed several key pieces of information that allowed us to make timely adjustments to our cooperation program and reduce potential legal issues.

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