China Red Star Investigation Agency provides private investigation, company investigation, skip tracing, background check, asset search, company verification, supplier investigation, factory audit, business support, legal support, recovery of money owed by Chinese suppliers services and more.

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China verification & investigation experts

Red Star Company is a service provider for company verification and business investigation in China. With over 20 years of professional investigative experience, we have investigated numerous scammers and fraudsters.

Our mission is to safeguard you and your company from fraud

We understand the business, culture, and laws of China, as well as the dishonest behaviors and various forms of fraud by Chinese individuals.
We are aware of the challenges and issues that may arise when collaborating with Chinese companies, and we know how to effectively protect your interests.

Our goal is to give you quicker and more economical access to objective and realistic information about companies in China

We help you verify the authenticity and credibility of your Chinese partners, assisting you in reducing risks when cooperating and trading with Chinese companies.
We utilize data from official Chinese government institutions and possess extensive investigation channels and resources to examine and verify the background information of a Chinese company.

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China Red Star Company

Our team consists of experienced professional investigators with a long and extensive background in business investigations and legal forensics. We understand that in a competitive business environment, obtaining accurate and reliable critical information is essential for assessing business risks and making informed business decisions. Therefore, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality China company registration check, business background verification and supplier investigation services to help you identify potential risks and opportunities more quickly and easily.

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In terms of registration checking

we ensure that our clients have cooperative dealings with legally registered enterprises and avoid the risk of cooperating with shell companies by carefully verifying the company's registration information, shareholders' background and business status.
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In terms of background verification

we obtain authoritative data and real information through a variety of official channels, and conduct in-depth investigations into the background credit and legal compliance of companies, etc., to assist our clients in understanding the reliability of cooperation with Chinese companies.
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In terms of business investigations

Our investigations team has professional and extensive experience in providing clients with accurate, truthful and timely key information on Chinese suppliers and partners, helping clients to enhance business security, avoid contractual risks and prevent costly mistakes.

Why verify Chinese companies?

The business environment in China is complex and diverse. Chinese companies often lie, exaggerate and disrespect contracts.Conducting thorough background checks is critical to ensuring trust, mitigating risk and protecting your interests when establishing business relationships with Chinese companies.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Reveal false profile information and hidden actual controllers, stay away from pretenders, avoid the risk of fraud in transactions or cooperation, and eliminate unqualified suppliers or intermediaries.
  • Risk reduction

    With quick and cost-effective checks and verifications, you can assess and identify potential business risks and take appropriate measures to protect your business interests.
  • Enhanced decision-making

    Background checks provide valuable information to make informed decisions when selecting business partners, negotiating contracts or establishing joint ventures, leading to more successful and sustainable relationships.
  • Legal Compliance

    Ensure that you are dealing with Chinese companies that comply with legal and regulatory requirements, minimize legal disputes, and ensure that you can obtain support and pursue recourse to protect your rights through the law.
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Fast guaranteed 24 hours turnaround

China Expertise

For general importers, our verification reports and on-site inspections can meet the basic risk assessment for initial cooperation with Chinese companies.

Most importantly, due to cultural differences and the timeliness of information, you may not be able to discern the hidden risks and loopholes in company information from official Chinese government institutions. Our team of Chinese investigation experts can provide objective and impartial risk assessments and offer advisory suggestions.
We can send the report you need to your email within one business day. This way, , you can adjust your business strategy with minimal cost, speed, and ease, make appropriate and wise critical business decisions, and engage in cooperation and transactions with Chinese companies in a more secure manner.

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Our Professional Team

We are in China and have been dealing with suppliers and factories for a long time and can be your local eyes and ears. Our background verification and field investigation services are effective and thorough, which can save you a lot of money and steer you away from fraudsters and pretenders, helping you to differentiate between real quality manufacturers and traders in China.

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