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China Company Registration Information Check

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Verification of the background of Chinese companies

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Investigating the actual situation at the target company site

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Safer, Better Business in China

China Companies Checking & Verification Services

China Red Star Agency is a service provider of China company and supplier verification and investigation. We are committed to helping you and your business from China partner fraud and vendor scams.
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Fact-check, Increase business safety

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Intercept fraud, Protect your business

With Red Star’s China Company Registration Verification and Supplier Background Verification Check services, we can help you protect yourself from the ubiquitous online scammers and pretenders, make safer business decisions, and build smart partnerships, by helping you to fully verify and validate Chinese companies and suppliers before you engage in cooperative transactions with them.

China's Investigative experts

Safeguarding You from Pervasive Online Scammers and Impersonators

We save you a lot of time, energy and high costs and expenses by helping to reveal false information profiles and hidden actual controllers before you sign a contract or make a payment transaction, so as to avoid transaction frauds and cooperation risks, weed out unqualified suppliers or partners, and protect you from a large number of cyber crooks and unscrupulous Chinese suppliers' scams. Moreover, our verification and validation services can help you to strengthen your business follow-up before you may have contractual disputes and legal proceedings with Chinese suppliers, so that you can adjust your business strategy in time and take corrective measures in advance to minimize your business risks, protecting you from wasting more time and money.
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Delivered company credit reports
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Completed suppliers investigation
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Company validation & Business investigation

Finding reliable and trustworthy partners and suppliers

When finding Chinese suppliers online or at trade shows, it’s important to verify if they are as they claim to be. Many Chinese companies on Alibaba, for instance, boast about their strong production capabilities, but in reality, they could be operated by a single person sitting at home with a laptop or a small workshop with just a few individuals, attempting to deceive potential buyers. Fortunately, through our company verification and supplier investigation services, you can examine current or potential Chinese partners to confirm their legitimacy and authenticity, minimizing risks and avoiding scams.

Company registration check

By examining the registration details of Chinese companies in government official agencies, including business licenses, scope of operations, legal representatives, shareholders, historical information, and ultimate beneficial owners, we verify the legality and authenticity of Chinese companies. This helps you understand the legitimate existence and basic conditions of a Chinese company

Company background verification

By examining the legal affiliations of the company's legal representative(s), corporate affiliations, credit reports, financial conditions, debt obligations, and legal risks, including intellectual property, administrative penalties, legal disputes, import-export qualifications, and ethical reviews, we gain further insight into the true situation of the company, reducing your business and legal risks

Field Inspection

Seeing is believing, just like being there in person to conduct on-site inspections of factories and offices. We help you identify various false claims and fabricated information, ensuring authenticity and integrity. This allows for a better understanding of your Chinese partners and suppliers, uncovering potential risks and taking appropriate measures to protect your business interests

Business investigation and support

Through litigation and non-litigation support services, including customized investigations, evidence collection, and settlement negotiations, we assist you in uncovering false documentation and locating key individuals to support your claims or defense. We help you assess the risks involved in settlement and negotiation processes and provide assistance during negotiations
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Why Choose Us

We are open all day, every day all year round.
Companies we can verify are covering all provinces and cities in Mainland China.
We can send the company verification report you need to your email within 24 hours.

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Quick Response

We understand the importance of time for your business decisions. We will respond promptly to your needs, ensuring the provision of accurate verification reports within the shortest possible time.
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Most Affordable Fees

We provide you with the most comprehensive and detailed verification reports of Chinese companies at the most competitive prices, ensuring that you don't have to bear excessive costs.

Chinese Investigation Expert Assessment

Our team of Chinese investigation experts, with extensive investigative experience and professional insights, will assess the verification reports and provide easily understandable and valuable tips and recommendations, helping you better and more easily identify risks and make wise decisions.
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Objective and Accurate

Our report data is sourced from government official institutions, ensuring the objectivity and accuracy of the information. You can rely on our investigation reports with confidence.
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Customized Investigations

We have abundant channels and resources to tailor diversified investigation plans based on your specific needs, ensuring that you obtain investigation results that are most suitable for your business.
20 Years of Experience

Secure your business in China

Cooperation with Chinese companies
  • Stop making bad deals with Chinese.

    Overseas companies face numerous risks of contract fraud and business scams when collaborating with Chinese companies. These serious business risks include fraudulent transactions, counterfeit products, intellectual property infringement, contract breaches, and inadequate legal support. Some shell companies and fictitious legal entities, with no assets of their own, employ various means to evade legal constraints, making it difficult for you to recover your funds through legal recourse. Many overseas companies have suffered significant economic losses as a result.
  • Preventing costly mistakes

    Red Star's best-in-class company registration check and business background verification services help you conduct the necessary objective verification and risk assessment of your current or potential Chinese partners, confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of your Chinese company, reduce business risks, make safer business decisions and establish a smart partnership before partnering with a Chinese company or supplier in a transaction.
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What People Say

Red Star’s Tips: The business environment in China can be complex and diverse. When conducting business in China, before transferring funds to them, let us conduct a company check for you. We will guide you away from impostors.