China Red Star Investigation Agency provides private investigation, company investigation, skip tracing, background check, asset search, company verification, supplier investigation, factory audit, business support, legal support, recovery of money owed by Chinese suppliers services and more.

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Safer, Better Business in China

China company investigation & business support services

China Red Star private investigator is the best private detective agency in China, providing professional private investigation, company investigation and business support services. For more than two decades, we have been committed to providing truthful and accurate information backed by professional private investigation services. For individuals, to uncover the truth about events that can seriously affect their lives, and for companies, to provide critical information that can be trusted to properly evaluate business plans and decisions.
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Fact-check, Increase business safety

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Intercept fraud, Protect your business

Based on the principles of integrity and legality, we always adhere to the highest ethical standards and focus on the needs of our clients. We help individuals and companies in trouble to obtain the truth, minimize fraudulent damages, and avoid the risks of cooperation through highly confidential investigations and prudent investigative actions.

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Private investigation focuses on private and domestic cases, including find someone, surveillance, background investigation, asset search, etc.; Discreet and confidential private investigation services can find the truth and facts for you, helping you to stay away from emotional fraud and avoiding money loss.
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Company investigation focuses on avoiding business risks and safeguarding business security, including China company search, registration cheks, background verification, supplier investigation, factory audit, infringement and counterfeiting, etc.; cost-effective corporate investigation services can find hidden issues, obtain key information for you, and get a true picture of the Chinese company, supplier or business partner, which can help to improve negotiation support, minimize fraudulent damage, and reduce the cooperation risks.
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Business support is a variety of support and collaboration services for overseas companies in China, including procurement support, business follow-up, commercial dispute resolution, alternative dispute resolution, legal investigation and evidence collection, etc.; business support services are designed to help overseas companies overcome cultural differences and geographical challenges, save costs and achieve their goals, which can quickly and efficiently resolve business issues and commercial disputes with Chinese suppliers, improve your business in China security, and ensure the smooth fulfillment of your cooperative transactions and legal proceedings in China.
China Local Experts

Services for overseas Clients Doing Business with Chinese

In trade dealings with Chinese companies, differences in regional cultures and legal and moral risks have caused overseas enterprises to face a variety of huge operational challenges.
Especially when dealing with Chinese suppliers, Late Deliveries, Quality Issues, and Contract violation that lead to supply chain disruptions may cause huge losses and serious consequences for overseas companies, and disputes are even more difficult to resolve, and there are even instances of overseas companies facing threats or pressures in the event of commercial disputes with Chinese suppliers.

We provide fast, efficient, results-oriented, cost-effective and wide-ranging corporate investigation and business support services to overseas clients doing business in China, including:
Private investigation services such as find people, surveillance, asset search, background check, etc;
Company investigation services such as China company search, registration check, background verification, supplier investigation, factory inspection, etc;
And business support services and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in China such as procurement support, legal support, supplier defaults, contract violation, coordinating business disputes, resolving non-litigation disputes, and recovering money owed by Chinese suppliers.

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Chinese companies have been investigated
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Disputes with Chinese suppliers handled
Saving time, Increase profits

Company investigation & Business support

Hiring Red Star Investigators is the quickest, most efficient and cost effective way to assist you to cope with your troubles in China and achieve your business goals.

Company Investigation Services can quickly identify and vet Chinese suppliers, learn about partners’ compliance practices, and avoid working with unreliable entities. Choosing reputable suppliers and partners reduces the business risk of fraud, bad debts, unpaid or undelivered goods, and avoids potential losses due to legal issues.

Business Support Services enable you to negotiate better deals with Chinese suppliers, eliminate misunderstandings and obstacles that may be caused by cultural differences and business practices, build successful long-term partnerships, as well as quickly and effectively respond to complex trade logistics, international transportation, business disputes, and other issues, increasing business efficiency and chances of success.

Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing service covers a wide range of situations where people need to be found, whether it's to locate a lost loved one, an old classmate, an old friend, to find a third party, to track down a debtor.

Asset Search

Asset Search is to find clues to the bank accounts, real estate and other properties of the target person in legal proceedings and judgments such as fraud and debt collection, in order to ensure the enforcement of his/her property by the Chinese courts.

Background Check

Background Checks are involved in virtually all private and corporate investigations, including find people, asset search, investigate and collect evidence, Chinese supplier investigation, tort investigations, debt collection, legal support, Commercial dispute resolution, etc.


Surveillance is mainly used for discovering the truth, searching for clues, collecting evidence, especially in the find someone, infidelity investigations, commercial investigation, infringement investigation and other services, can provide important clues and effective evidence for the client.

Company Search

Company Search helps overseas clients to understand the basic information and real background of Chinese companies when doing business in China, avoiding cooperation with shell company or bogus company.

Registration Check

Company Registration Check allows you to know whether a Chinese company is a legally registered entity and whether there is any false information, which reduces the risk of legal action in business disputes and protects business security.

Background verification

Company Background Verification is a thorough check and verification of the background of a Chinese company in order to discover potential pitfalls and legal issues that may exist, avoid getting caught up in Chinese factory scams and supplier fraud.

Supplier Investigation

China Supplier Investigation refers to the thorough review and evaluation of Chinese suppliers to ensure the quality of their product deliveries or services and to reduce the risk of supplier default or supply chain disruption.

Factory Audit

China Factory Audit is an inspection and evaluation of all aspects of the China factory's production equipment, processes, employee practices and environmental compliance to ensure that it meets the needs of the business.

Order & Operations Follow-up

Order & Business Follow-Up is the active monitoring and management of the progress and execution of orders and business after they have been initiated, resolving efficiency impediments or delays to ensure timely completion.

Collecting arrears from Chinese suppliers

Recovery of outstanding payments from Chinese suppliers, including supplier arrears arising from late payment, non-payment, financial difficulties, quality or delivery disputes.

Commercial Disputes Resolution

Commercial Dispute Resolution Service resolves business conflicts and commercial disputes arising from commercial transactions in a faster, more efficient and cost-effective manner, avoiding lengthy and costly legal proceedings.
Trust, but verify!

Why Choose Us

We are open all day, every day all year round.
Red Star’s investigation services cover all provinces and cities in mainland China.
Including and not limited to: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other…

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Save time & Increase profits

You don't need to spend a lot of time and effort, without incurring high costs and expenses.
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Most Cost Effective

We provide the most effective solutions at the most competitive prices to ensure that your interests are maintained and your expectations are met.

China Expertise

Our local experts are familiar with China's cultural and business environment and have extensive practical experience in private investigations and dispute resolution, enabling them to effectively identify risks and resolve a wide range of commercial non-litigation disputes.
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Fast & Timely

We understand the importance of time. We will respond to your needs quickly to avoid delays and losses.
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Authoritative & Accurate

Information comes from the latest, verifiable data from the Chinese government or other official organizations, which guarantees the truthfulness, reliability of the information.
20 Years of Experience

Secure your business in China

Quality control issues
  • Stop making bad deals with Chinese vendors

    Overseas companies may face a large number of identity thefts, contract frauds and business scams when working with Chinese suppliers, including seller frauds, counterfeit products, and contract breaches. These shell companies and fake legal entities take advantage of various legal loopholes to evade legal sanctions, and many overseas importers suffer serious financial losses due to inadequate business and legal support in China.
  • Preventing costly mistakes

    Red Star's investigation services conduct searches on specific people or companies to get you objective and truthful information about Chinese companies faster and more cost-effectively.
    Company Background Check, Supplier Investigation and Factory Audit services confirm the authenticity and trustworthiness of your Chinese partners, reducing business risks and fraud threats in cooperation and trade.
    Business Follow-up Services can efficiently and cost-effectively monitor and manage your order progress and business processes in China, assisting you in resolving product quality, delivery delays and other issues in a timely manner to ensure business security and smooth order fulfillment.
    Dispute Resolution Services can support and assist you in the event of disputes with your Chinese suppliers, quickly resolving business conflicts and commercial disputes, and are the most cost-effective remedies and solutions, significantly saving costs and reducing the value of damages and improving the chances of success, avoiding lengthy and costly legal proceedings.
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Red Star’s Tips: The business environment in China can be complex and diverse. When conducting business in China, before transferring funds to them, let us conduct a company check for you. We will guide you away from impostors.

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